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Readers' Favorite  *****

"...a slow-burn romance and engaging story with witty dialogue. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy romantic adventures."  – Stephanie Chapman [Read full review at Readers' Favorite]  

Glorious Sunrise  *****

"...a spirit-lifting journey of two souls finding each other..." – Priya Rajendran [Read full review at Glorious Sunrise]

Online Book Club  ****

"...I loved this book so much. ... It had everything that excited the romantic in me and left me wanting more. There was absolutely nothing that I disliked about this book and nothing needs improvement. ...this book is perfect..." – Ishq594 [Read full review at Online Book Club]

Reader Feedback

*****  "Loved Shooting Stars. Read it in one sitting...just couldn't put it down. Stunning!" – Bronwyn S.

*****  "I found myself becoming increasingly engaged with your characters, and wanted them to be successful despite the challenges of the real world that seemed determined to stop them. I liked your use of imagery and your dialogue reflected your understanding of the 21st century. In all, I surprised myself by reading it in two sittings and was very happy with the resolution... dreams do come true! I do hope that you will continue writing... you have a gift which you should not let lie dormant." – Mr P G. (Skye's high school English teacher) 

*****  "It was so refreshing to read such an imaginative, creative, descriptive story that it absolutely entranced my heart; you had me smiling, tearful and heartbroken (you had me feeling Catherine's heart break as if it were my own) and, as an especially surprising bonus, the story continued when I was sure I was reading the prelude to the epilogue...several times over!" – JDH

*****  "This was a good read. The story drew me in and kept me entertained." – Rach31

*****  "I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a good beach book. I was hooked right away and throughout the book. I liked how the book wrapped things up. It was a great ending. I would recommend this book and I would read another book by this author. – K Gillespie

*****  "I found this book a very enjoyable read. Catherine and Jake are two people who come from very different paths and backgrounds, brought together by a high stakes chance encounter. The writing flowed easily and the journey of the two main characters kept me hooked and wanting to find out what would happen next. I felt that Jake's character was just lovely - very likeable, caring and charismatic and it was easy to get invested in him and his romance with Catherine. I've never been to Hawaii, but I got the impression that it was described very carefully and authentically here." – JessTheCat 

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