Hear ye, hear ye!

Hear ye, hear ye!

I would like to announce that at 2:20pm this 20th day of April in the year 2023, I typed the following two words: The End.

My book is officially finished. Final word count is 105,750 words! All writing and editing is now complete. I now move on to formatting and production.

At 2:21pm I broke down in tears. This has been such an incredible journey for me, There are so many times I doubted I'd finish and now that I'm here I'm overwhelmed with emotion. This is a gift from me to me, something no one can take away or take credit for. I did this. It's mine and I am so incredibly grateful.

It's also the end of the story and I confess feeling sad that it's time to leave the world I created. I'm really going to miss Jake. He's been a part of my life for six years now and has seen me through some difficult times and never left my side.

As I typed those two significant words, Molecule by Michael FK was playing in the background. It's one among several pieces of music that when I close my eyes and listen to it, I feel like I am suspended in space surrounded by stars and galaxies, like I'm back home where my soul belongs. So the fact that it appeared on my playlist at that particular moment is like a sign of approval and pride from the Universe.

I have struggled over the years with loss, illness, lack of work, mental health issues, all which resulted in my dependency on social welfare to make ends meet, yet I truly believe that this was all the Universe's doing, to clear the path for me so that I could focus on the one thing that I'm actually good at, the one thing that gives my life meaning, and for that too... I am grateful.

Thank you to the Universe and all those of you who have believed in me and supported me on this journey.

Posted: Thu 20 Apr 2023


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